About Circle Lenses

If you have never bought circle lenses before, or have just heard of them, then this is a great place to get some information before you buy any. Click the titles below to view the original blog post, or website with more detailed information.

What Are Circle Lenses?
Circle lenses are just like regular coloured contacts, but slightly larger. Regular contact lenses are about 13.8mm in diameter, while circle lenses range between 14-15mm. This larger size makes your iris appear larger, which makes your whole eye look bigger.

How to Care For Your Lenses
Your eyes are delicate and irreplaceable. This is why you need to take impeccable care of your eyes and circle lenses. Always keep your lens case clean, and keep it and solution with you when you wear your lenses just in case you need to remove them. Always wash your hands before handling lenses, and only use contact lens solution to clean them. Rinse your lenses with solution before every you put them in, and after you take them out. If you keep your lenses clean, they will feel more comfortable to wear, and last longer!

Are Circle Lenses Bad for Your Eyes?
Circle lenses get a bad rep from most mainstream sources. The news says they're dangerous, and some say they can make you blind. This is a bit of paranoia, and a bit of urban legend. Cheap, imitation circle lenses can be bad for your eyes; their inferior quality leads to less air reaching the iris through the lens, as well as causing scratches to the cornea.

It is important to only buy brand name circle lenses, and the best brand is Geo Medical. They are the oldest circle lens company, started in 2002, and the only one to come with an authenticity check. When you order Geo brand lenses, your vials will come with a sticker on the side like the one to the left. This has a silver scratch off area where you will find a unique code. Enter this code on the website on the sticker, and it will show if your lenses are real or fake. We only sell authentic lenses. You can visit this site (warning nasty eyeball picture) which is an independently owned blog known as the Geo Police. They show the differences between real and fake authenticity stickers. Real, brand name circle lenses are no more dangerous for your eyes than any other contact lenses!

What Do I Get With My Order?
With your order, you get one free lens case, as well as peace of mind. Our $5 worldwide shipping comes with tracking, so you know where your lenses are at all times. It's important to be able to trust a seller, and so I only accept Paypal. This gives the buyer peace of mind, and also allows you to pay with a credit card if you like, without exposing your information.

What Size Should I Get?
The size of your lenses makes a big difference, even though there's only at most 1mm difference. I actually found that 14.8mm lenses looked too big in my eyes, while 14mm lenses looked perfect. My friend's 15mm lenses on the other hand, looked almost normal sized in her eyes. The difference is the size of our actual eyes. Read the full post for more information on sizing!

How Do I Order?
Just visit the page titled, Get Your Circle Lenses Here. There you'll find an explanation of the description code, photos of all our lenses, and our simple order form. Once you fill out the form and hit Submit, I will process your order, and send you an invoice through Paypal, often within the hour. Once the invoice is paid, your order will ship within two business days. On shipping, you will receive an email with your tracking number. That's all! Orders usually arrive within three weeks.